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Industrial park

The industrial park with a working title “Heraclides” is the first project of a new industrial development of the territory in Sevastopol.

Heraclides Park is:

  • The development of high technologies in the manufacture of electrical, electronic and optical equipment, and precision instruments industry
  • The support and implementation of innovations in the manufacture of basic industries
  • The creation of a new level of production infrastructure to attract external investment
  • The stimulation of small and medium-sized businesses


The total area is
77,6 ha
A ready-made site
with infrastructure
10 km to the city
center of Sevastopol
economic zone

(profit, property, transport,
and land tax benefits)


A four-lane

including the Tavrida
federal highway
(Kerch – Sevastopol)
A year-round

(the distance to the seaport
is 6 km)
An airport
(the distance
to the airport is 30 km)
Terminal Railway Station

(the distance
to the railway station is 0.5 km)

Regulatory Framework

Development of Investment Activities in the City of Sevastopol for 2017-2022, a program approved by the Resolution of the Government of Sevastopol No. 1005-PP of 24/10/2016.

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